There are long Waiting List in Hair Salons after Restriction Eases: New York

In the lockdown, it seems that people missed their salons and spa more than anything else. Of course, everyone wants to get a refreshing spa treatment after being locked up in their house for months.

As the lockdown restrictions ease in New York City, there is a long list of people who are waiting for their turn in the spas and salons.

Everyone in the city wants to get a great hairstyle again and get a refreshing massage, and they are desperately waiting for getting inside and get their favorite face packs and everything else. 

Hair salons and barber shops have started reopening in the city this week, the list of appointments requests at the top salons are touching heights.

There are long Waiting List in Hair Salons after Restriction Eases: New York
There are long Waiting List in Hair Salons after Restriction Eases: New York

As reported by Avenue Magazine, one salon on Park Avenue is having hundreds of people waiting to schedule an appointment.

On the other side, Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa in the Lowes Regency hotel are having a waitlist of 800 people according to the shop owner Julien Farel.

Previously, Farel told Bloomberg the waitlist had more than 1000 people on it, even when the prices were high which is $1,000 for a haircut.

Farel said to the Avenue “We are being as accommodating as possible but the demand is out of control and people are getting very antsy.”

As the city entered phase two of its reopening plan on Monday, the businesses that were allowed to open up were some offices, real estates, hair salons, and barber shops, on the condition that they need to strictly all the safety healthy guidelines.

For the salons and barbershops the guidelines were:

  • A distance of six feet between every customer.
  • Closing waiting rooms.
  • Reducing the normal occupancy by 50%
  • Maintaining proper hygiene 
  • Employees wearing face masks.
  • Employees should also be tested for the COVID-19 every 14 days.

A new home service has also been launched to make services reachable for everyone who is afraid to come out.

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