Tips on How to Pick the Best Guest Speakers for Events


In planning an event or conference, choosing the right guest speakers can be one of the main elements of overall success. This consists of guest, session and keynote speakers. These people can help set the mood of the event and make it impressive to the audience.

Several factors need to be considered to inspire and engage your audience. Pick the right one, and you will make a significant step towards a successful and notable event.

What Must a Good Guest Speaker Do?

You must take it as a great opportunity when selecting a speaker. Selecting a good one can make the whole event be focused. They must indeed be entertaining, engaging and inspiring the audience to take action after leaving the room. Yet, the best speaker depends on the particular vision goal that you want the event to achieve.

A good speaker has to at least:

  • Attract the attendees
  • Engage the audience
  • Reinforce the key event themes
  • Entertain the audience
  • Educate the audience
  • Inspire and drive positive change to the audience
  • Give fresh insights and views on the event’s topics
  • Provide motivational takeaways 

Considerations in Choosing a Speaker

After preparing for the key themes of your events, choosing the right speaker is the next on the list, and he/she must align closely with what your overall goal is.

Level of Knowledge

You must understand that it is vital that the guest speaker has the knowledge related to the topic. Many guest speakers who are knowledgeable enough will add value to the event since they can relate to the audience. 

Irrespective of the speaker type you opt for, you must look for their capability to connect with the attendees. This includes perfect pacing, excellent ability in story-telling, and a strong sense of narrative, with data and case studies for backup. 

Relevance to Audience

To engage the audience, make sure to look for speakers who can connect to them. There is no sense in picking your favourite coach or author if they are not appealing to the audience. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. If you were the one to attend, what you will be looking for in that event and why you will be attending the conference. 

Do your share of research because the right speaker is essential in satisfying the needs and expectations of your audience.


Planning an event will come down to staying within the budget. It sounds great if your speaker is the best and the brightest from around the globe. Yet, the budget for such doesn’t usually stretch that far. It’s worth reminding that high profile and celebrity speakers are not always the best choice, even if you have the budget. It would be best if you prioritised the relevance of the speakers over their status.

You start by calling agencies to have an idea of the rate of their keynote speakers. Making inquiries will provide a better idea of expenses and help you stay within the budget. Of course, you need to have a budget for the speakers. Delivering a good presentation takes effort, time and experiences, thus needs to be paid for.

Knowing the limit of your budget will narrow your list of potential speakers. When discussing with a potential speaker, note that the “what and when” of getting paid is clear. Some speakers expect free travel and accommodation expenses.
Finding guest speakers for your events is not easy, even if you have the budget to get the popular one. However, their status is not the main thing that you must look for in inviting them. The considerations listed will help you find your next best guest speaker within the budget and with value.


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