Toilet paper shortage: Make your own bidets starting at $20 –

Toilet paper shortage: Make your own bidets starting at $20 –


This bidet by Luxe costs $60 on Amazon and attaches to your existing toilet.

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Toilet paper isn’t the only way to clean your delicate areas after using the bathroom, and as stock dwindles in response to coronavirus-inspired panic buying, it’s time to consider other options besides TP. One alternative I recently discovered is to add a simple bidet attachment to your existing toilet, which allows you to clean up using water instead of gobs of paper — a win for both your hygiene needs and the environment. 

If you’ve never encountered a bidet before, it may seem confusing at first: How do you use it correctly? Do you still need to wipe afterwards? You might feel like it’s too complicated, too expensive or even just too icky to consider adding to your bathroom.

Although attachments that fit onto existing toilets start as low as $20, I tired out a more advanced $60 version. I discovered that a bidet is actually quite easy to use, affordable and a perfectly hygienic way to keep your nether regions clean. Here’s everything you need to know to install one in your home. Note that online supply may vary at this time.

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This Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet has a light and a drying fan as well as a distinct metal bidet feature.

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What exactly is a bidet?

A bidet (pronounced “buh-DAY” in America, “bee-DAY” elsewhere) is a bathroom plumbing fixture used to wash one’s nether regions. Bidets can include either a faucet-style spout or a pressurized jet — or both! — and can be either a part of a toilet or a totally separate fixture. The first bidet was invented

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