Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date|What We Know So Far

Tokyo Ravens : What We Know So Far, And Season 2'S Release Date
Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

Following a long and eager wait, disappointment struck us when we got to know that everyone’s favorite Tsuchimikado clan will not be back for Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Raven, the light novel series adaptation has been on everyone’s books for 8 years after its mind-blowing first season.

The 24 episodes revolve around the Onmyoji household and its spirits. It was directed by Takaomi Kanasaki and animated by the Studio, Eight Bit. If you are one of us, in anticipation of their grand return, we have some news for you.

Tokyo Raven Manga – Where It All Started

Before we let you in on the details of a second season, let’s unpack what the show is about. It was first illustrated as a collection of light novels by Kohei AZANO in Japan.

Later, it got its first manga illustration by Sumihei based on the script of Azano’s craft. It grasped the attention of thousands of manga readers with its mix of comedy, and drama back in 2010.

Tokyo Raven Manga - Where It All Started
Tokyo Raven Manga – Where It All Started

The 16 volume novel has been redesigned into 8 volumes of Manga. They go in the following order

Tokyo Ravens – The first manga eventually kickstarted the serialized form more Mangas illustrated under different titles.

Tokyo Ravens Tokyo Fox – It was released by COMTA, whereby Fujimi Shobo’s Age premium worked with the publications in 2011. It narrates the original tale of Kon’s life.

Tokyo Ravens: Red and White – The third series is a spin-off manga edition written by Azumi Mochizuki. It got its series head started in Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age of the November 2013 issue.

Tokyo Ravens: Sword of Song, is a manga spinoff by Ran Kuze. Its serialization began in the November 2013 issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shōnen Rival.

Tokyo Ravens – Girls Photograph- A relatively new serialization in the Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age of the January 2014 issue, it brings to fore the female characters of the series.

Tokyo Ravens Another XHoliday – The alternate to the fifth one, another holiday had its emphasis on the larger number of male characters. It started in Kadokawa’s shojo magazine Millefeui in the February 2014 issue.

What Is Tokyo Ravens About?

Bringing the beauty of magic to light, Tokyo Ravens carefully plots the story of Harutora, the ordinary outlier of the powerful and magical family clan Tsuchimikado.

He was the only one from his clan with no spiritual powers. Handling the honor of his lineage while trying to lead a simple life with his friends from the Onmyo Branch School was his way of living.

Tokyo Ravens : What We Know So Far, And Season 2'S Release Date
What Is Tokyo Ravens About

That was until his life took a turn with the appearance of his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume. The Yakou incarnated heir and the spiritless adventurer take on fantastical journeys against the rival Onmyo agency.

Even though the show belongs to the comedy genre, it discusses heavy themes of resurrection, astrology, and philosophy in fair depths.

The tropes on sacrifice and love are dealt with great focus too. The anime does a good job adapting the novel series, and it is an enjoyable show, as received by viewers.

Will There Be A Second Season?

Now, we all have been dying to know what happens to Natsume and the entire plot, but unfortunately, that seems like a lost cause.

There has been no official statement on the show’s comeback, but the lack of information regarding the production of the second season, and practically no actions from the studio’s side has made us all expect the worst.

What Happens After Season 1’S Ending?

Tokyo Ravens : What We Know So Far, And Season 2'S Release Date
What Happens After Season 1’S Ending?

That is a question we would all get the answer to in the light novel series, which continues for 16 more volumes.

If you are curious about the plot itself, then do follow up on the novel series, or the manga adaptation, which stays loyal to the original. If you want to know what happens right away, read further.

Harutora’s Fate In Tokyo Ravens

In the end, things grow stranger as Harutora is seen resurrecting Natsume, which was conveyed by their helper Saotome Suzu, as a successful ritual.

This is more aptly explained in Volume 10, chapter 3 of the novel series, where the technicality is emphasized.

However, later we discover Natsume resting on a bed in the daylight, while Harutora abodes the last goodbye.

Tokyo Ravens : What We Know So Far, And Season 2'S Release Date
Harutora’s Fate In Tokyo Ravens

What kept fans on edge was the very existence of Harutora. Other fan theories suggest that the bright room was a metaphor in itself.

There are endless questions still unanswered, and unless we get to know about an official confirmation that Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date, we have to fend ourselves with the manga at hand

Does Natsume Die At The End Of Tokyo Ravens?

We will refrain from giving out spoilers to the anime watchers, but we can say that Natsume does not reach a good fate as the plot unfolds in the novel series. The raven coat tool develops to be her prime enemy.



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