Top 4 Care Tips For Your Implants Post-Breast Augmentation Procedures

A lot of women come to Sydney to receive breast augmentation treatment. There are many reputable medical facilities in this capital of New South Wales Territory. After all, this cosmopolitan city is a thriving place known for its cutting edge equipment and technologies, making surgical procedures a success. If you’re searching for breast augmentation to reshape your chest, you will certainly be able to find a good plastic surgeon here. 

Once you’ve gotten the results you like, you certainly want your breast implants sydney to last. Hence, you need to take proper care of them. If you are curious about how you must take care of your new implants, you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading, as these four hacks will ensure your new breasts will maintain their best look and shape ever. 

Take Time to Recover Well

After your surgical treatment, you must give your body plenty of time to heal. You must abide by the instructions of your doctor carefully to avoid pain and infection. You need about 7 to 10 days off from work for proper rest. Be mindful and avoid lifting heavy objects for a month or even longer. Remember, you’ve just had surgery, so slow down. Healing takes plenty of time, and it is something you cannot rush. Most of all, the long term results hinge on how well you heal. 

Notably, your new breasts will undergo a lot of drastic changes. It may take weeks and months for swelling to subside. If your breast implants are placed under the muscles, it will take even longer to fully resolve. It shall take time for your breasts to soften and settle, so be patient. Resist the urge to buy new lingerie as the size will change. Instead, wait for a full recovery before investing in anything new. 

Put on a Proper Bra

You may have to cease wearing your usual sexy bras after getting breast implants sydney. You shall be required to wear a special surgical bra. Most likely, this will be fitted during your pre-consultation period. Later on, after the operation, you will be expected to wear this for several weeks. You must be diligent in wearing this undergarment. It may not look the sexiest, but it does a great job of protecting and supporting your new breasts, which feel sore and tender after surgery. 

You can only revert to your traditional bras with your doctor’s permission. In the beginning, you may have to forgo the styles with underwires as the stiff material will irritate breast incisions, especially those within your breast muscle. It will take months for you to be allowed to wear underwires again, but perhaps you may not need them because implants lift and make your breasts perky. But do wear a bra a few weeks post-surgery to support your breasts. 

Familiarize Yourself With Your New Breasts

When you receive breast augmentation, it will look and feel different from your old, natural breasts. Hence, you need to take your time to get to know your new body parts. It is okay to touch them up, so you will know how they feel. Some doctors even encourage breast massages but do ask your surgeon for advice in that regard. 

Keep in mind, familiarity with your new anatomy is important because you need to continually give yourself monthly breast self-examinations. This is a vital component in preventive measures against the dreaded big C. Implants or not; you must perform this step regularly throughout your life. 

Always Take Time to Get a Mammogram

Whether you have augmented breasts or natural ones, you must be vigilant in seeking your annual mammogram. Usually, it is suggested for women 40 years old and above to have breast scans. People who have a genetic history of breast cancer may be advised to do it sooner. If you have implants, you have to tell the facility about it when you make an appointment. 

A mammo procedure is a bit more complex for those with implants. Thus, you need an expert technician to assist you. Because of the implants, you may need some extra scans and images to ensure every part of the breast is examined. You must care for your investment by giving your implants the TLC they need.

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