Top 5 Practices for an AI Chatbot

The future is here.

We wake up in the morning, and we check our phones. We’re too lazy to take a walk outside and buy groceries; instead, we have them ordered to our door. Talking to the pizza delivery man on the phone? That’s so outdated – we can have a quick texting session with their chatbot and place an order that way.

Given that it seems like almost everything is becoming automated these days, one of the areas that have gotten the most attention is that of chatbots. Around since the early 2000s, chatbots were typically seen as nothing more than an interesting novelty to play with.

Nowadays, we know better.

If you’re planning on building a chatbot for yourself or for your business, then we’d encourage you to do as much research as possible on the topic. There’s a lot of issues that can arise if you have a lack of understanding.

The good part? We’ve put together a small list of the best chatbot practices – just for you!

Discover and Learn Your Chatbot

Seems like a no-brainer? You’d be surprised.

Our first recommendation is that you educate yourself on everything related to a chatbot. Questions you should ask yourself are, “What is a chatbot?” or, “How does a chatbot learn new tricks?” These inquiries must be carefully researched and developed in order for you to have a basic understanding of their functions.

Odds are that if you’re reading this article, you’re probably some sort of programmer. If not, then you’re a business owner with a programmer working under their wing. Regardless of the scenario, you will never be able to create a cutting-edge conversational chatbot without gaining at least a fundamental level of knowledge.

Introduce Your Chatbot

This is so important, and just as overlooked!

Introducing your chatbot is imperative to building rapport with the user. If a chatbot doesn’t say hello and give you their name, then that means you’re going to have a conversation with a stranger! We don’t want your users feeling like your chatbot isn’t anything but a program they have to work with – throw in a human touch and you’ll make the conversation far more pleasant.

Another reason to introduce your chatbot is to also let the user know exactly what it can do for them. If the chatbot is supposed to help them place an order, then inform the user! “Hey there, my name is Botty and I can help you with your orders! Would you like to place an order or would you like me to aid you in some other way?”

This goes both ways as well! If your chatbot can’t perform a particular request, then you should have the chatbot express that. Knowing what a chatbot cannot do is just as important as what it can.

Give It a Tangible Personality

A very important aspect of a chatbot is its personality. The most palpable part of a human conversation is… well, the humanity itself. Talking to an emotionless person isn’t that fun, so why would talking to an empty-hearted chatbot entertain you?

Give a human personality to your chatbot. Figure out their gender, their abstract interests and hobbies, their tone of voice, and their overall attitude. Once you have a firm mental picture of the sort of character you would like to represent your brand, then apply it onto the chassis of your chatbot.

This will make a wealth of difference when it comes to customer satisfaction. Your users must feel comfortable when talking to your bot, not die of boredom.

Tip of the Iceberg

Chatbots are an extraordinarily complex topic since we haven’t even come close to mastering it yet – and we, as a species, are still struggling to wrap our heads around artificial intelligence. At one point or another, they’re going to become so advanced as to overshadow their current potential.

That’s a long time away, though. Until then, wouldn’t it be better to hop on the bandwagon? Being late to the party is never fun.

Already have a chatbot and need to figure them out? Check out our chatbot user guide here!


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