Top 7 Players to Watch Out For In the English Premier League 2021-22


The 2021-22 Premier League or English Premier League (EPL) will commence on 14th August 2021 and end on 22nd May 2022. It will be the 30th season of the Premier League.

The previous season of EPL witnessed some twists and turns, surprise transfers, and observed the potential of teams. But amidst that, players have made a significant impact with their performances. Several footballers have stepped up their game and emerged as winners every week.

However, there was considerable disappointment shared between Liverpool fans due to its underwhelming gameplay. Yet, West Ham United, Aston Villa and Leicester City displayed some extraordinary performances of the season.

It is Manchester City who emerged victorious and are the defending champions. They have won their Fifth premier league this season.

Whether it’s the winning or losing teams, some players stood out with their skills and talents. These best players have significantly contributed to their team’s ongoing success. So, now that the Premier League will begin again, can these top footballers remain consistent and stand out in the next EPL season?

Here Are The Best Players You Need To Keep An Eye On In The Premier League 2021-22:

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1. Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United)

According to tabloids, the inclusion of Bruno Fernandes into the United squad has transformed it into an elite team. The Portuguese player who plays midfielder is unarguably the best player at the moment.

The Manchester United player is a game-changer by securing their place in the last four games last season. Fernandes made 51 appearances, scored 26 goals and 19 assists.

Although Manchester City is currently struggling at the bottom half of the EPL table, Bruno Fernandes still shows impressive performances.

2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Mohammed Salah, the Egyptian player who plays forward, is considered one of the world’s best footballers. The premier league was no exception as Salah scores goals regularly.

Liverpool might have some concerns at the moment, but Salah does not fail to display his skills in the League. He scored 22 goals in 37 matches for Liverpool. His premier league record presents 158 appearances, 97 goals and 34 Assists.

Salah did not leave empty-handed for this season as he earned the award, PFA Fans’ player of the year. He has won this award on two occasions after being previously honored in 2018 as well.

He is among the only five players who have won the Premier League more than once. Others include Thierry Henry, international sensation Christino Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and Steven Gerrard.

We might get to see Salah uplift Liverpool and score more goals for his record in the upcoming season.

3. Harry Kane (Tottenham Spur)

English player Henry Kane is Tottenham Spur’s captain and the best striker in the League. Kane’s incredible performance saved Tottenham from falling at the bottom of the EPL table.

He scored an impressive 23 goals in the 2020-21 season and has won the Premier League, Golden Boot, for the third time. He finished ahead of Mohamed Salah with just one goal. Making 25 appearances, 166 goals and 34 assists, he has an impressive record in the League.

Kane is at his peak this season and does not seem to slow down anytime soon. The following season, however, we might see some change to the club. It is because there are rumors that Kane might leave Tottenham. Yet, he remains one of the most valuable and robust players of the club.

4. Jack Grealish ( Aston Villa)

Jack Grealish was remembered for his outstanding execution in the English international season last year. He saved his team from the relegation zone and is becoming a fan-favorite in Aston Villas as well.

At 25 years of age, the young English footballer plays both attacking midfielders or as a winger. He has the potential of becoming one of the best players of England in this generation. Grealish is exceptionally skilled with the ball and has contributed to the season with six goals. A look at his Premier league stats presents 15 goals scored during 96 appearances and 16 assists.

He has played a crucial role in his dream team, and his consistent performance can drive Aston Villas to success this season.

5. Son Heung Min (Tottenham)

South Korean football star Son Heung Min plays forward and never fails to deliver an incredible performance. This EPL season was no different when he scored 17 goals in total. During his entire Premier League career, he has made 197 appearances, scored 70 goals and 39 assists.

Son is part of a deadly strike team that includes him and Henry Kane together. Although Tottenham’s performance dipped in the season, Son remained in his perfect form. He has a complete understanding of tackling defenders.

One can only predict his dynamic skills once the next EPL season proceeds.

6. Ruben Dias (Manchester City)

Portuguese football player Ruben Dias is one of the best sign-up for this season. He has an intense impact as a defender in Manchester City.

On-field, Dias seems to be in the right place at the right time and played an integral role in the club’s strong performance this season. He is undoubtedly the best center-back in the League at the moment and an excellent defender.

There is no denying that he has cemented his position in the club, and fans might see more of his incredible performances.

7. Mason Mount (Chelsea)

Only 22 years old, English player Mason Mount has been silently displaying his performance in the Premier League. He is an underrated player whose consistency in the team brings them more towards potential wins.

He has recorded 13 goals in 72 appearances and ten assists in his premier league career.

Mason is heavily involved in Chelsea’s victories and is an invaluable member of the squad.

We can only expect more of his quiet yet strong performance in the next EPL series.

The European Premium League of 2021-22 has headstrong teams and equally determined players. Although fans eagerly anticipate the winning team, they also want to see which players shine this season.

As they give incredible performances, only time will tell which footballers manage to stand out from others. If you are excited for the EPL this year, you might have your predictions of teams or players. Why not put to use your intuition by placing stakes and enjoying the game as well.


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