Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Warzone Team Player


The most played smartphone game in the recent age is, without a doubt, Call of Duty. The game has a profound effect on players’ minds. And since its release, Warzone has been a fan favorite among gamers who like fast-paced action games. Even though this terrific game has been around for a while, a new player will still have difficulty starting. The game is not as straightforward as it seems. If you want to become better as a Warzone Team Player, read on to learn the best tips. 

Top 7 Tips to Become a Better Warzone Team Player

If you’re having trouble attaining the desired outcomes or finding the game too challenging, the advice provided below may assist. We’ll provide some professional COD Warzone Hacks & Cheats from the gaming community to help you become a better player. Also, you can buy warzone cheats to be ahead of your competitors anytime. But meanwhile, let’s get started:

  1. Don’t forget about your health

The state of your health is critical throughout the game. If your health starts to worsen, you’ll have a higher risk of losing. You only have one life to work within this game. Consequently, pursuing your adversaries will increase your risk of death. 

Always be aware of your health bar as you approach your foe. You will be taken to the Gulag if you die, but you may battle another adversary and return to the game later if you want to.

  1. Take advice from experts

Learning from individuals who are experts in a field is a straightforward technique to improve one’s performance. So, if you want to be the best in Warzone, look for the pros and pay attention to what they’re doing. Fortunately, YouTube has a slew of gaming experts who open up about their experiences in the form of videos. 

Keep a close check on their activities and pick up some of their tricks and methods. Then put it to use in your games and see the results. If you do this regularly, your performance will skyrocket.

  1. Investigate Warzone loadouts

Do your research but first, decide which weapons, equipment, and extras you want to employ. No gun in this game comes equipped with less deadly ammunition.

Just practice your preferred loadout until you are comfortable with it. Generally speaking, a player who trains with his preferred loadout every day will be better than a player who switches between whatever some guide claims are meta each week.

  1. Make sure your crosshairs are in the proper places

While it may seem obvious, many first-person shooter gamers fail to consider where their shots are landing. They’re either scanning the ground for valuables or keeping their weapon at a low elevation to avoid attracting the attention of their enemies. 

Trigger discipline is more important than aiming at the bottom since you can’t save your buddy if they’re already down when you raise your gun to fire. So keep an eye on your crosshair placement in CoD Warzone – it’s an often-overlooked tip. Ensure that your gun is always pointed towards your opponent’s upper chest, not in the middle of the battlefield. 

  1. Killstreaks can be sacrificed for the sake of your allies

While it’s satisfying to score a well-placed cruise missile or airstrike your way out of a tight spot, nothing beats the feeling of having a buddy rescue you with their killstreak. It’s essential to be a sort of buddy who’s willing to utilize their killstreak mainly to aid their team.

  1. Study the map thoroughly

You must have a complete understanding of the game’s map. You’ll be able to avoid a potentially dangerous scenario if you do this. Knowing where you’re going on a map might be pretty helpful if you’re trying to stay alive. This will assist you in identifying all possible escape routes should you come across an adversary.

  1. Outwit and outperform your adversaries

Never miss a chance to outwit the competition. Is it possible that you’re on a safe level, but what if someone pushes your stairwell? Get behind them by escaping from a higher level. 

What’s more, know when to anticipate these types of assaults and keep a sharp eye out for them. Be on the lookout for your opponent’s moves and avoid becoming too comfy in one location.

Final Thoughts

Warzone demands you to make certain sacrifices to progress. Observing pros play several times is a good starting point. When playing with others, be mindful of how much noise you produce and avoid being selfish. After that, put into practice what you’ve learned and continue to grow. Once you’ve found the weapons, you may plan where you want to be. 


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