Top US health officials are self-quarantined after possible exposure to the virus.

Three of the top us coronavirus health officials who are at the forefront of Trump’s administration in the fight against the virus have been self quarantined on Saturday for the next two weeks.

This has been done after their low-risk exposure to the virus by coming into contact with someone who has been tested positive for coronavirus. 

Head of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield and Food And Drug Administration head Hahn are going to be working from home according to their spokesperson. And Anthony Fauci, who is the head of the.

National Institute of Allergies and Infection Diseases had told a news agency that he will go into a modified quarantine. All the three persons mentioned above are the white task force members of the white house. 

Fauci has even said that he is going to work from home and he will also visit the office sometimes but only when he ensures that he is the only one around in the office.

Top US health officials are self-quarantined after possible exposure to the virus.
Top US health officials are self-quarantined after possible exposure to the virus.

All three of them were scheduled to testify before a US Senate committee, but now they will appear through video link rather than in person. 

Although, their source of exposure to the virus has not been confirmed yet. Recently Vice president Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller had tested positive for the virus on Friday. She also used to attend the meeting of the task force.

She is the second person in the White House to test Positive for the virus. Earlier, US military personnel had tested positive for the virus who also served as a valet to President Trump. 

According to another news report, at least 11 US secret services members who are in charge of protecting the president have also been tested positive for coronavirus with the other 60 persons in self-quarantine. 

White House had started taking safety measures since the start of March with frequent temperature check-ups every day. White House had started rapid COVID-19 testing of all those in close proximity of the president with the staffers being tested about once a week.

But Trump and pence have generally refrained from wearing the face masks citing the reason that they are regularly tested. 

Protecting these people is one of the highest concerns of the white house and they are taking all the necessary steps in that direction. If you want to be updated with more such latest updates, stay tuned with us.