Trailer for Series 2 of Totally Game looks like a lot of fun and comes with a release date

Totally Game had a very successful first season and a brief hiatus but now it is returning for Season 2 this month. The second go-around looks even better! The first trailer for the short-form documentary series just dropped and it looks great. Fans can check out the short 90 second teaser trailer on YouTube.

The first series had ten episodes that told ten small stories about the gaming communities. There were many heartwarming and funny tales, including one of a man who stores almost 40 games in his basement and an elderly competitive gamer who lost his eye and started cosplaying Reinhardt from Overwatch in contests to have a new purpose in life.

The short trailer did not reveal a lot about what’s coming in the new series but some of what it revealed was thrilling. One episode is supposedly going to be about Jeff Leach, the voice actor of Ghost in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and another is going to follow a non-binary Mortal Kombat player. There’s also apparently one man who gave up his hugely paying salaried job just so he could play Super Smash Brothers full-time.

There is also going to be one story focused on Ronnie Shalvis, a parkour man who recreates Peter Parker’s stunts as Spiderman from the Marvel movies. Watching him at work is sure to be an exciting experience.

A few years ago, a short documentary series about the gaming community would not have been a possibility. Now, with the proliferation of social media and the appearance of various niche interests, this is a great opportunity for fans.

28 October 2020 is the date that Totally Game will hit YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, PC Gamer, Games Radar and various other gaming-related websites.

Rittika Dhar
Young aspiring content and creative writer and blogger, is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature.