The Hamilton Hotel which is under construction is bringing a new entertainment concept from the 1920s. This is therefore the best time to have a feel of the 1920s in 2020.

Through a press release obtained by ‘What Now Atlanta’, the plans for the construction of the Roaring Social Venue from LakePoint Sports Community Founder, Neal Freeman which states the space “addresses a resurgence and interest in the sights and sounds of the 1920s speakeasy.”

“We are creating a memorable one-of-a-kind experience starting at the street level on Milton Avenue,” Freeman said of the Alpharatte Entertainment concept opening in 2021.

The concept keyed after the sights of 1920, the venue will exhibit ‘dramatic interior finishes’ like those from the 20th century era. Daily programming will be themed on a mix of curated and live music. Visitors can wear their bowling shoes and use eight lanes for a ‘boutique’ take on traditional bowling. Food menu features bar bites served alongside specialty cocktails.

A sculpture which shows a couple dancing in the street in 1920s clothing, “Dancing in Alpharetta Circa 1920” sculpture commissioned by the Roaring Social Owner and the city of Alpharetta would be a major source of entertainment for guests.

“Downtown visitors will see the life-sized bronze sculpture and hear enticing music before discovering the secret entrance into Alpharetta’s first 1920s venue for live entertainment”, Freeman confirmed.

The Hamilton Hotel, a shared development between Mayfair Street Partners, LLC and Hotel Equities, will feature art up to the street level entrance for the full view of the guests.

“Hotel Equities and the rest of our investors were actively seeking a creative and complimentary use of the speakeasy level of the building,” said Jason Joseph, managing director, and partner of Mayfair Street Partners in the press release according to What Now Atlanta.

Nishad kinhikar
I am 20 years old and an aspiring engineering student and now doing writing some project.