Trial Consultant: The Knight In Shining Armour Who Will Save The Day

Judy consultation has become one of the major elements in the legal industry. Though many only consider this variation of legal consultancy as getting an advisor who would help them strengthen their case;

Most people tend to overlook their expertise and proficiency in attaining most of the details that could be a ‘make or break’ component of the whole trial. 

In this article, we will discuss what a trial consultant does best so that you can make a conclusive decision on whether to hire them or not. 

What does a legal consultant do?

Many lawyers with clients stuck in high-stake litigation issues leave no stones unturned when preparing for cases. From staffing the trial teams with reputed and well-suited lawyers and paralegals to gathering witnesses, one of the significant elements that can change the tide’s turn is a jury consultant’s advice. So what does the jury consultant do? That is what we will find out. 

  •  They Conduct A Jury Research 

This terminology determines the research exercise that is conducted before trial. The results found in the analysis will be included as a trial strategy. The research findings are a part of a case assessment where a variety of different tools are used to conclude. 

Some of the tools are full-scale trial simulations, jury research, discerning the community’s attitude, scaled-down mock trials, even the change of venue survey and focus groups. 

However, the consultant’s research type will solely depend on the advisor’s exposure, the budget, and the permitted time. The consultant will have to recognise the problem areas, probably persuasive areas, and the probable research from the research. 

  • They Assess The Case To Determine Liability And Damages

The determination of the liability and the damages is the main reason research is conducted whether it is time to ‘bury the hatchet’ or be confused that the case should be tried or not answered by the advisor. 

The conducted research will help you determine the factors one by one by coming to a deductive answer. The advisor will be responsible for assisting the trial team by assessing the exposure to make an effective settlement or trial backed by a strong strategic plan. 

  • They develop the case theme:

Every case requires a theme so that the litigation can be backed effectively. However, it has to be done at the early stages of the litigation process. The advisor will be responsible for testing the theme, tweaking them to gain perfection before it hits the court. 

As these themes are central towards Voir Dire and closing argument, it can be said that it is detrimental towards giving the trial a framework and structure. 

  • They Evaluate And Prepare The Witness: 

The consultants hold expertise in preparing the witness. They are often employed by many team trial members so that the advisor can lend their wisdom and aptitude to prepare key witnesses for testimonials. 

Through the conducted pre-trial preparations, the witness will understand the courtroom’s procedure and probably questions and smart answers to these questions to conduct a clear road map to effective testimony procedure. 

The advisor will teach everything from communication techniques to important information related to the case, dress codes, and code of conduct. 


By hiring the right jury consultant, you will be unlocking a new level of service and mastery over the whole trial, which will productively aid the case. From presenting you with demonstrating aids to creating the Voir Dire strategy, you will be presented with compelling and valuable professional advice.


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