Trump Criticizes Vote By Mail Promoted By His Campaign

President Donald Trump on Thursday criticized the vote by mail that in some cases has been promoted by his re-election campaign, alleging without presenting evidence that it leads to “total electoral fraud.” The day before, the president threatened to withdraw federal funds from states that support the practice.

That state angered the president this week by announcing that it would send ballot request forms to the entire electorate to encourage safe voting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump, who voted by mail last March in Florida’s Republican presidential primaries, said he would support the exceptions for those who are sick or are the president.

Trump Criticizes Vote By Mail Promoted By His Campaign
Trump Criticizes Vote By Mail Promoted By His Campaign

“To vote really and without fraud,” said the president later in Michigan, “you have to go to the polling place.” Regarding the vote by mail, he added: “Obviously there will be a fraud. We are not babies. ”

Trump was belittling a voting method that his campaign and partners have encouraged voters to use to support Republican Party candidates.

Republicans claim that mailing ballots to all voters create widespread fraud and is not supported by evidence from the five states using this method. None have had significant fraud cases.

In Pennsylvania, the state Republican Party and its Trump-related affiliates have been urging voters to request ballots by mail for next week’s primaries.

Trump’s allies have explained the seemingly contradictory message saying that they are making full use of each state’s voting systems, but are not endorsing them.