Trump has announced new H-1B visa limits for foreign employees

Monday President Donald Trump announced that he restricted the entrance of foreign workers into the nation. On this white, House said this would help the coronavirus-battered economy of the country. 

This move of president would affect many organizations and thousands of people. 

President Trump’s decision to restrict employment-based visas could affect around 240,000 people. People who are affected belong to different industries like technology, finance, and hospitality.

This plan will not affect workers who are already within the U.S., Trump added.

Trump has announced new H-1B visa limits for foreign employees
Trump has announced new H-1B visa limits for foreign employees

There will be simply a few denials, and Trump said when asked about future practices on several visa categories, including the H-1B plan for high-skilled artisans,  H-2B visas for non-agricultural temporary workers, and the L-1 program for managers carrying in their companies.

“In some cases, you have got to possess exclusions. You would like them for big businesses where they need certain folks that are coming certain an extended time,” he said.

According to this H-1B scheme, citizens limited for at least 180 days in the U.S. territory.

Also, the employees who obtained these visas before the order was released must not enter the country and stay outside the nation until the order expires.

Last year in 2019, a year full of positives for growth, the H-1B visa was granted to about 133,000 workers who had started their profession with different companies. 

Positively 12,000 people were granted L-1 visas in initial applications, and approximately 98,000 people were issued H-2B visas. Barring exclusions, Trump’s plan could affect quite 240,000 candidates who just supported these three work visa categories.

 At the pick of this  pandemic due to  coronavirus President Trump has twitted that he designed to “temporarily suspend immigration into the U.S.”

Industry groups like the Information Technology Industry Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had written to Trump to precise concerns that restrictions would disrupt business and hinder the growth of the company as well as the nation. 

The government has worked over the past few cycles to improve the H-1B program. The approval rate for applications has also dropped. It will boost the overall growth rate of indigenous peoples and the region.

The companies have used this visa for renting their talented works abroad, in particular in the fields of science and engineering.


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