Twitter tells employees they can work from home ‘forever’

Leading the corporal giants by example, Twitter takes a momentous leap forward into the future by offering working from home alternative for as long as an employee’s tenure.

In a statement, Twitter said it was “one of the first companies to go to a WFH model in the face of COVID-19, but [doesn’t] anticipate being one of the first to return to offices.” 

Buzzfeed news initially reported the announcement, which was later confirmed by the official statement. 

The company said if employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and want to continue doing so “forever,” then “we will make that happen.” “If not, our offices will be their warm and welcoming selves, with some additional precautions, when we feel it’s safe to return,” the statement reads.

Twitter won’t open its offices until September as per reports suggest or whenever the situation permits. When they reopen, the company said it would be “careful, intentional, office by office and gradual.”

Twitter tells employees they can work from home ‘forever’
Twitter tells employees they can work from home ‘forever’

Large gathering inducing events are completely shunned from the calendar of 2020. Business travels will be next to none, with a few exceptions. However, this must also be conducted with all the social distancing measures in place. 

“We’re proud of the early action we took to protect the health of our employees and our communities. That will remain our top priority as we work through the unknowns of the coming months,” it said.

Jack Dorsal, the CEO, Twitter announced on the company’s fourth-quarter 2019 earnings call that the workforce unintentionally concentrated in the San Francisco region will now have more focus on spreading their workforce.

“Our concentration in San Francisco is not serving us any longer, and we will strive to be a far more distributed workforce, which we will use to improve our execution,” he said at the time.

Many more previous policies are expected to alter to meet the crisis situation and to accommodate the best interests of the employees as well as the corporations. In house lawyers and legal lawyers warn initial loss of the term and CTC planning.

While Amazon has previously announced, working from the home situation will continue for most employees until October in the US. Facebook is likely to keep the WFH method active until the end of 2020. Microsoft, Zillow, and others announced that they’re extending their work-from-home policies.

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