Two reasons why fans are disappointed by The Kissing Booth 2

Netflix has not been leaving any stone unturned in celebrating more diverse casting and freshening up some tired stereotypes. Recently, a sequel of one of its most popular shows, The Kissing Booth, was released on Netflix. Fans were elated and excited for the second installment and here’s how it went through.

The show was definitely loved for Elle and Noah’s endearing pairing and incredible chemistry despite their five-foot height difference. However, as the first part covered the honeymoon period, the second part felt lackluster with its pre-divorce slogs and introducing a one-note third wheel in the story.

John Ambrose (Jordan Fisher) is given this notion of never being able to win Lara Jean’s heart, no matter how good he is in various aspects from playing the piano to just being nice to others. We all know that his perfection in no way will aid him in getting close to Lara.

Two reasons why fans are disappointed by The Kissing Booth 2
Two reasons why fans are disappointed by The Kissing Booth 2

But in the sequel of Kissing Booth, the same story has been carried forward with a new character of Marco to get in the angle of a half-arsed love triangle. How long will this same old love triangle thing, whose outcome can already be predicted, work for the audience?

Moreover, there’s another disturbing factor that the audience hated the most: Marco isn’t an established character. You need a well-developed character to ace your love-triangle formula but what we saw was just a fellow holding a guitar in hand with nice abs.

And to be honest, there a plethora of reasons due to which an average teen can swerve emotionally than just the love-triangle. The actors are too good and they along with the audience deserve better than what the plot has instilled for them.

In addition to that, the show is also indirectly providing a recipe for abusive relationships by portraying that your first love is your true love and that you need to fight for it to make it work.

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