Two Weeks After Camila Cabello Breakup, Shawn Mendes Releases Emotional Ballad ‘It’ll Be Okay’

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello confirmed their split in a joint statement. Mendes has released a new song titled It’ll Be Okay, almost two weeks after their divorce. The song describes how to get back up after a breakup in the aftermath of grief and anguish.

Shawn’s latest song, according to fans, captures his melancholy mindset. “Are we going to make it?/ Is this going to hurt?” he asks.

He appears to be breaking up with someone. “I start to envisage a world where we don’t collide/ It’s making me sick,” she says, “but we’ll repair and the sun will rise.”

In another verse of the song, he says, “I will love you no matter what,” which looks to be a significant hint about his feelings for Camila. Despite their divorce, the two claimed to be “best friends” in their statement. Shawn and Camila have been excellent friends for seven years.

Two Weeks After Camila Cabello Breakup, Shawn Mendes Releases Emotional Ballad 'It'll Be Okay'
Two Weeks After Camila Cabello Breakup, Shawn Mendes Releases Emotional Ballad ‘It’ll Be Okay’

Shawn teased his new song on Instagram, writing, “It’s finally here!” “I haven’t felt properly connected to you all in a long time. My thoughts are with you, and I hope you enjoy this music.”

Fans have been showing their support for him since his divorce from his wife, and the somber song appears to have struck a chord with them.

Shawn Mendes’s  “ Summer Of Love”

Mendes’ song “Summer of Love” was inspired by the couple’s amazing confinement in Miami during the early months of their relationship.

“It’s a pleasurable sensation. Writing Lockdown was like reliving the first few months of its existence.

Camila and I were able to completely unwind and not be concerned about our professions for the first time in more than six years.” In an interview with Audacy Check-In, he stated, “Miami was stunningly gorgeous as we rode our bikes throughout the city.”

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