Umbrella Academy 2 has made a classical superhero mistake

If the five wouldn’t have the magical powers with him through time and space they would have been tossed off long ago. They were just seconds away from being squeezed in season one when Vanya blew up the moon, in order to cause the apocalypse.

But, he transported them back in time to the 1960s, giving his family a fighting chance to save themselves, which is an incredible sight more than which they were initially faced with. 

Again in the second season, we see him summoning his powers to rewind time and resurrect the TV’s most dysfunctional clam after Handler pulled the trigger and let it rain. 

Umbrella Academy 2 has made a classical superhero mistakeUmbrella Academy 2 has made a classical superhero mistake
Umbrella Academy 2 has made a classical superhero mistake

They survived and were alive to see another day with the apocalypse with a brand new threat i.e. The Sparrow Academy.

The narrative possibility is expanded by the time travel. The Umbrella Academy has tested the resolve of its characters. Vanya has, on two occasions, threatened total annihilation. They all have deep cut battle scars. 

But as we have seen that the Hargreeves have faced and escaped death multiple times, there is always an answer available and one that manages to keep a hold on its core cast at all the costs. 

You can never doubt the presence of all the Hargreeves siblings again on screens either as original characters or in the case of Justin H Min, an alternative version of the Ben we had grown familiar with.

The Umbrella Academy doesn’t have any luxury for the expansion cast and this story revolves around one singular core which makes it lovable by all its fans. 

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