Umbrella Academy: The huge Handler twist and her comeback in Season 3

The Umbrella Academy undoubtedly shows plenty of questionable characters but it is really difficult to handle every look that Kate Walsh serves in the show. The Handler is a fitting character and easily qualifies to be one of the most despicable characters, who is all about slaying people with guns and fashion alike.

It’s dreadful to think of the Handler given the number of innocents she has killed. There have been speculations that along with her life in the process, there would be someone taking revenge and that’s exactly what was witnessed by the audience at the end of season one.

Hazel double-crossed the Handler and ended up shooting her in the head when she threatened to kill Agnes. This was probably the most fitting end to her story after giving her fans an enjoyable steal scene after scene. However, is it all over? Certainly, there’s more to it we need to explore.

Umbrella Academy: The huge Handler twist and her comeback in Season 3
Umbrella Academy: The huge Handler twist and her comeback in Season 3

At the start of season two, we saw how The Handler survived due to a metal plate that was previously wedged inside her head. And at the end of season two, The Handler is again killed by gunfire. This time it looks as if her death would really stick.

Moreover, we have the actress’s word to it as Kate Walsh made a statement that she has played this character and does not have any future plans to return again. However, she also mentioned that anything is possible to happen in Umbrella Academy. And yes! That’s true.

A lot of crazy stuff is going on in the show and fans are expected to accept it all. But we also have bad news for The Handler fans, straight from the showrunner Steve Blackman. He told Bustle that he too adores the character of The Handler which is beautifully played by Kate Walsh but the character really did die this year.

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