Utah woman who used Taser on 9-year-old girl now in custody

37-year-old April Shurtleff from Riverton, Utah, has been charged with several counts of child abuse, threat of violence and aggravated assault for using a Taser on a 9-year-old boy.

On Friday, the police were called in to investigate reports that a Taser had been used on a child in the parking lot of a church near the 12000 block of S 2700 West. While the boy was breathing and conscious, he was collapsed on the grass and crying in pain when an officer arrived. The incident report states that the officer noted marks consistent with those formed by a two-pronged Taser on the boy’s chest.

The victim reported that he and a friend were riding scooters in the church parking lot. They noticed that the woman was possibly filming them while sitting in her car. They felt uncomfortable and left the parking lot but returned some time later to ride their scooters. It was after the child confronted the woman that things got ugly. 

The victim stated that the woman showed them her Taser and threatened to tase them.

The boy further stated that the victim drove towards him at high speed. Then she got out of the car and chased him on foot before applying the Taser on his chest for about 4 seconds. She drove away as he began to cry and scream in pain.

Police found Shurtleff’s car by viewing video footage. When confronted she admitted that the car was hers but that she did not own a Taser and had not hurt the boys. Later, she changed her story and admitted to owning a Taser but repeated that she had not used it. 

The police inspected Shurtleff’s car and found a Taser matching the injuries on the victim’s chest in it. She was arrested on Wednesday and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail. 

Rittika Dhar
Young aspiring content and creative writer and blogger, is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature.