Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Lin Manuel Miranda Is More ‘ADORABLE’ On-Set During A Pandemic

It been around five years since the Hamilton playwright soared to new heights with the opening of the Tony and Pulitzer winning musical thereafter the star went to star in Mary Poppins Returns and for voice over for Disney’s Moana and this year he was found the film set for his feature directorial debut for Tick, Tick… Boom!

Vanessa Hudgens came in the set of the film for her work and during her talks with Cinemablend she shared about her ‘experience’ working on the musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Vanessa said:

“He’s everything that you want him to be and more. You know it’s wild trying to film a movie during a global pandemic. The precautions are really serious. Everyone is wearing a mask and face shield at all times and it’s really hard to interact and connect the way you used to be able to, but not one moment did that get Lin down.

He walks onto the set and he’s doing his step routine, which he would always do and it was the most adorable thing ever. He’d jump and click his heels. He was just so happy and his joy was so exuberant that it really just bled out into all of us and just made the experience all the more beautiful”

Tick, Tick… Boom is adapted from a semi-autobiographical Broadway musical namely, Tick, Tick… Boom which revolves around the character namely, Jonathan Larson who is playwright written many beloved modern musicals.

The Amazing Spider Man’s Andrew Garfield will play the role of Larson and with him, Vanessa Hudgens will be appearing in the movie for the role of Karessa. 

The shooting of the movie started post to COVID-19 pandemic in March but as the outbreak got serious, the production unit for the movie had to shut their doors. However, after a while, the production restarted and is going on! Reports say that Vanessa Hudgens has completed all of her own work on Tick, Tick… Boom.

Vanessa commemorated her work on Lin-Manual Miranda’s project early this week with a tattoo applied which reads, “Cages or Wings” 

The tattoo was applied as a reference message to the musical song “Louder Than Words.” 

Reports say that Tick, Tick… Boom also has some sort of connection with Hudgens since the actress starred in Fox’s live production of Rent last year. You can check out her tattoo down below:

The franchise will soon be premiering on Netflix! We will be updating you soon as the release date gets officially confirmed. Until that, stay tuned to our site to get more updates in the future.

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