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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum is a romantic comedy-play film by Jis Joy, directed by Balu Varghese, Siddique, Aju Varghese and Renji Panicker, and stars Asif Ali and Aishwarya Lekshmi. This is the official restoration of the Telugu film of 2016, Pelli Choopulu. Debutant Prince George composed the musical score for the film. It was published by the critics and audience on 11 January 2019. The film was in Kerala’s box office for 100 days.

The film came out under the banner of New Surya Films from A. K. Sunil. The film is Jis Joy’s and Asif Ali’s third partnership, who worked for Bicycle Thieves and Sunday Holiday. It’s a comedy romantic. Previously, the director said it was a small, messages-based movie with components for the family.

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Watch Online
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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Movie Plot Details

A prospective first alliance meeting will take place in the house of Pournami (Aiswarya) Vijay (Asif Ali). It took him over five years to complete his B.Tech exam, including map tests. He’s lazy, and he doesn’t want much work. His dream is to be a chef and open a restaurant, but his dad doesn’t help him. Pournami, on the other hand, is highly concentrated and hard-working to fulfil her Australian dreams. 

However, her dad disagrees with her idea of going abroad since she is a child. At the first matrimonial meeting, both Pournami and Vijay accidentally lock their younger cousin and lockout the door. You talk about your past to spend your time. Pournami reveals her love with a man called Naresh from north India. They decided to start a company together for a food truck. Naresh went to Delhi to discuss their passion and business plans with his father.

Meanwhile, Pournami began work on her plan enthusiastically and, by purchasing the truck, was ready to surprise Naresh. Naresh shows no gaining a dowry overpowered meeting with her kin. Pournami and her dad waited for him, but her dad decides to marry someone else when they know Naresh did not come back. When Vijay shared his history, he revealed that he had always been unemployed and wandered along with his two friends. 

Together, they made cooking videos, as he loves cooking. But it wasn’t profitable enough, and they intend to create brilliant videos and Vijay’s dad’s brother, who finished their plan, caught them in red. And he got a job at his dad’s suggestion in a call centre. He began to introduce himself to his friends with a girl, but she tricked him. It was just when she called him at work by her real boyfriend. After a fight with his boss, Vijay left his job.

It was then revealed that for his matchmaking event, Vijay came to the wrong place. Subsequently, Vijay attends his actual match-up with a wealthy party. In the meantime, Pournami tells the man that she isn’t interested in marriage coming to her matchmaking case. Vijay’s bride’s family wanted him to run a business. With Vijay as the chef and Pournami in charge of the business side of things, Vijay and Pournami decide to run the food truck themselves.

Initially, they face numerous difficulties, primarily because of the laziness of Vijay and his friends and differences with Pournami. This ended when the food truck gave up. The grandmother of Vijay visits Pournami’s house and tells her dad that he should be proud of having a responsible daughter of this kind. She wants a daughter in the future like Pournami. Vijay believes her dad’s visions follow her. 

Pournami acknowledges the good wishes of Vijay. Pournami later convinces his dad that by cooking Vijay, he is an expert chef. With help from both parents, they start their company. Your food truck then turns into a smashing success. In the end, without realising it, they fall in love, but both of them devote themselves to others. 

Once they realise they love one another, they come back together with their family and friends through a radio show arranged by their friends. They start their business with food trucks and K.S. Chitra visits them. Chitra visits them. Then it turns out that they married.

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Watch Online
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Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Movie Cast Details

  • Asif Ali is Vijay ‘super.’ 
  • Pinky / Pournami is Aishwarya Lekshmi
  • Siddique as Vijay’s father, Chandramohan
  • Pournami’s father, Renji Panicker as Venugopal.
  • As Roshan, Vijay’s neighbour, Balu Varghese.
  • YouTube Cleetus is Aju Varghese
  • The mother of Pournami is Shanthi Krishna, as Radhamani.
  • Rajendran as Pooja, the companion of Purnami’s
  • Annamkutta Joseph Jose, a friend of Vijay’s
  • A former friend of Pournami’s Austin Dan as Naresh.
  • Sonam is Aileena Amon
  • Sonam’s dad, Anish Kuruvilla
  • The Hotel Singer Sharan
  • as the uncle of Vijay, Devan
  • As a grandmother of Vijay, K.P.A.C. Lalitha
  • Vijay’s girlfriend, Maya Menon
  • Fornami’s grandmother Sathi Premji
  • Event Planner Sreekanth Murali
  • The love of the Sonam interest 
  • Shaheen Siddique as Salman
  • As Reshma, the ex-friend of Vijay, Viviya Santh. 
  • Anjali Nair as the neighbour of Paurnami
  • Punnassery Kanchana as the Grandma of Bedridden
  • Gayathri, the daughter of Grandma (Cameo Appearance)
  • Surya is Niranj Suresh (Cameo Appearance)
  • Shashikala Nedungadi as the mother of Surya (Cameo Appearance)
  • As Doctor, Rajesh Sharma (Cameo Appearance)
  • As Herself, K. S. Chithra ( Cameo Appearance)
  • Singer Harisanth Sharan (Cameo Appearance)

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Movie Critical Responses

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Watch Online
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Times of India reviewer Deepa Soman rated it 3/5 and said, “The film is a decent watch in its entirety and has warmth in its heart. The compelling characters might give yourself a great time if they do not meet high expectations.”

Dressed up 3.5 by, Vijay Superum Pournamiyum was a movie that you can watch with a smiling face. Sify said the film is a romantic comedy watchable, with a 2.5/5 rating.

The Hindu said, “The core storey of an ungodly young man finding a girl’s reason is not new, but Jis Joy manages to add a few new elements that make it partially pleasant.

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