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The 2017 Indian Comedy of Action film directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth is Velaiilla Pattadhari 2. The movie was filmed in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, with VIP 2 as the latter. He is a successor to the film Velaiilla Pattadhari in 2014. 

After 1997 Minsara Kanaveu Kajol played an antagonist role in her second Tamil film, Dhanush, Amala Paul, Vivek, Hrishikesh, Saranya Ponvannan, and Samuthirakani replaced her role. In addition to acting, Dhanush also co-produced the plot and dialogue for a film with N. Ramasamy. Sean Roldan composed his music. 

The publication was made worldwide on 11 August 2017 after Dhanush’s birthday on 28 July was planned.

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VIP 2 Movie Plot Details

VIP 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Kuttymovies
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Two years after the first movie case, the movie begins with the award of Civil Engineer of the year 2016 Award from Anitha Constructions, Civil Engineer Raghuvaran (Dhanush). It now is a senior member of the business and a parking lot. Dr Shalini (Amala Paul), his wife, becomes a powerful and nagging spouse who dominates him.

After marriage, she resigned from her job to look after the household. Raghuvaran also refuses to get another job for his wife. With approximately 200 young unemployed civil, mechanical and electrical engineers who are his colleagues, Raghuvaran efficiently concludes the construction projects he is assigned.

The announcement that Raghuvaran has been awarded the Engineer of the Year 2016 Awards to Vasundhara (Kajol), Chief Construction Officer of South India, Vasundhara Constructions. She makes a work offer to Raghuvaran but humbly rejects it.

Later on, Raghuvaran’s project team and Vasundhara’s top team are invited to show a wealthy and native trader their models for a private university and a hospital house. With great pride and egos, Vasundhara exhibits her project while Raghuvaran explains the task. The trader gives Anitha Constructions the project.

Raghuvaran offers Vasundhara some courteous advice outside the home. This offends her, and she starts to follow him, putting an obstacle behind it. Firstly, she uses her power to compel the trader to return the project to her in the cabinet. She then submits offers against all the projects of Anitha Construction at a lower price, which means that the company loses its projects. 

Raghuvaran knows this, to save his first company, and leaves his work. The son of a building mogul based in Delhi approaches him to launch a new building business with 50-50 shares. Raghuvaran agrees to place his house under a 5 million Rs mortgage and begins constructing “VIP” with the 200 jobless engineers as employees. 

For a month, you can’t launch projects. Since they have one word of mouth, a gay businessman who wants to create a theme park inside a marshy land is offered by Prakash (Saravana Subbiah). Raghuvaran’s gang is excited, but it proves to be wrong with the soil tests. So, the project is declining. Prakash bribes a Vasundhara Constructions executive and starts the same project. 

The team of Raghuvaran begins a protest, and a national uproar halts the government. Rakash is hijacked between different lawsuits throughout the world. This makes Vasundhara Constructions a bad reputation and failure of projects. She is targeting his business to kill Raghuvaran. When it is legally available for sale to generate funds, it buys anonymously 50 per cent shares owned by Raghuvaran.

 Vasundhara shoots Raghuvaran from VIP Constructions, and employees are immediately released from their employment. Prakash sent goons that night to destroy Raghuvaran, but the Raghuvaran struck them all. He thinks Vasundhara has sent them and goes to her office in the main office building of her business.

VIP 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Kuttymovies
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Vasundhara is alone in the building as she reflects on VIP Constructions employees’ loyalty to Raghuvaran. At first, Raghuvaran advises, then advises and begins leaving Vasundhara. The office is, unfortunately, flooded and stuck on its floor due to a heavy downpour. They then work together on the top floor to find biscuits and wine. 

Vasundhara is aware of her mistakes and becomes friends with Raghuvaran through her conversation. Raghuvaran takes Vasundhara to his home the following day to introduce her to her family. At the same time, they agree with each other to be business partners and work together with VIP Constructions.

VIP 2 Movie Cast Details

  • Anitha Building Engineer Dhanush as Raghuvaran
  • Vasundhara Constructions president Kajol as Vasundhara Parameshwar
  • Dr. Shalini Raghuvaran of Amala Paul, the Wife of Raghuvaran
  • Raguvaran’s partner, Vivek as Azhagusundaram.
  • As Karthik, Hrishikesh, brother to Raghuvaran.
  • Raghuvaran’s father, Samuthirakani
  • As Bhuvana, Raghuvaran’s mother Saranya Ponvannan
  • Shalini’s mother, Meera Krishnan
  • As a selfish businessman, Saravana Subbiah
  • As Manikkam Cell Murugan, assistant to Raghuvaran
  • As Balaji, Balaji Mohan
  • As Chettiyar, G.M. Kumar
  • Ponnuangam’s Florent Pereira
  • As Ramkumar M. J. Shriram, Anitha’s dad.
  • As Shalini’s father, S. Kathiresan
  • Lokesh as the director of Vasundhara
  • As a friend of Raghuvaran, Mirchi Vijay
  • As Prakash’s counsel, Put Chutney Rajmohan
  • As M.S.Arivazhagan, Sethupathi Jayachandran
  • As a Newsreader Andrews
  • Som Shekar as escort of Vasundhara
  • Anitha’s Ritu Varma (cameo appearance)
  • Vasundhara’s PA Raiza Wilson (cameo appearance)
  • Sijoy Varghese as the father of Vasundhara (photo credit)
  • The Friend of Raghuvaran, Kishore Rajkumar

VIP 2 Product Related Insiders

VIP 2 Full Movie Tamil Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

After her 2014 film, Thangamagan (2015) has been made, initially reported as a sequel to her earlier film, by Velaiilla Pattenadhari, Velraj and Dhanush. During the film’s development, Dhanush denied that this was the case and maintained another script. 

Later, in the middle of 2016, Dhanush’s layman, Soundarya Rajinikanth, decided to make the romantic drama film Nilavukku, Enmel Ennadi Kobam and cast Dhanush in the leading role with producer N. Ramasamy and Hema Rukmai.

Besides, he announced that he would work instead with Soundarya to follow his earlier Velailla Pattadhari, despite talks with actresses such as Sonam Kapoor, Cajal Aggarwal and Manjima Mohan. It has been seen that N. Ramasamy is co-produced, and the latter is also writing the film. 

The new project retained the theme of music composed by Anirudh and signed to replace Anirudh as the film’s composer. During the film’s launch, Sameer Thahir was announced to work as a filmmaker, while Prasanna GK was the editor.

In Tamil and Telugu, the film was initially shot while Dhanush was dubbed Hindi and made his voice for the version of Tamil. The movie was later referred to as VIP 2 – Lalkar.


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