Viral Video – A Video Showing A Knife-Wielding Squirrel In Woman’s Backyard Went Viral


A video went viral which caught a squirrel holding a knife in a Toronto woman’s backyard this month. The video was posted on Twitter by Andrea Diamond on the 6th of January which showed the bushy-tailed critter sitting on a fence while clutching a blade. You can check out the video down below:

“He was just gnawing on it, happily,” she told the media. “Maybe he was sharpening his teeth on it, I haven’t seen that before.” She added.

Andrea who is a strategic advisor shared that her new furry friend had gotten a hold of a paring knife she had left outside, near a tent set up for social-distancing purposes.

Also, she shared that that savage squirrels also went into some hand sanitizer which she left in the backyard.


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