A 45year old Virginal lawyer, Matthew Erausquin has been charged with sex trafficking charges after he allegedly lured many teenaged underage high school girls into sleeping with him by becoming their sugar daddy. 

He is a founding partner of the firm Consumer Litigation Associations, has been accused of paying at least six girls, aged 16 and 17, to engage in sexual acts from June 2017 through at least Sept. 2019, records show. The investigation on him began back in May 2019 when a high school student revealed to the cops that the man had pays two girls $10,000 for having a threesome with him. 

The filing also states that the man had allegedly gave one of the victims a Tiffany’s bag — and possibly also a sexually transmitted infection. That girl later had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized. Investigations suggest that the lawyer had met some of these girls online on the website called that connects “sugar daddies” with “sugar babies.”

But the site’s rule says that the girls should be 18 at least. The man had the idea that the girls were minors but still was not surprised and “indicated that he kind of knew their ages the entire time and liked it,” the filing states.

Vallusha Gupta
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