What American Horror Story: 1984’s Cast Is Up For Something!

Last week, one of the most popular American Horror Story: 1984 finally made its way to stream on Netflix. With its release on Netflix, the classy horror anthology has gained a good audience base and through its long nine seasons, it won the hearts of the horror heads with their goofy nostalgic flicks. Though the producer for the series, FX has confirmed the renewal for a tenth spin-off of the franchise, and with that there also speculation which says that there will be “three more seasons for the series” however, to get that deep glimpse about the series, fan have to wait!

For now, the waits are still going on to get the official release date for the tenth season. Reports say that due to the pandemic hit, the movie has been facing delays perhaps making it hard for the creators to finalize a release for it.

After watching the complete nine seasons of the series, many of us could be wondering about what will happen to the cast for American Horror Story: 1984 in the near future. So, hey we are here to help, here is a list of cast members for the franchise.

1. Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson

Emma’s character is Camp Redwood’s new camp counselor who is quite shy and gets uncomfortable while working at the camps as she has a dark history. She is also dating a fellow counselor namely, Chet.

2. Billie Lourd As Montana Duke

Billie’s character Montana is another counselor of Camp Redwoods and she has been described as the rebel of the group.

3. Leslie Grossman As Margaret Booth

Leslie’s character Margaret is the head of the counselor of Camp Redwood. She has a lot of dark secrets related to the camp’s history, but she has been keeping it a secret in order to preserve her reputation.

4. Cody Fern As Xavier Plympton

Cody’s character Xavier is one among the camp counselors who have the utmost knowledge about his friends of Redwood’s sinister past.

5. Matthew Morrison as Trevor Kirchner

Matthew’s character is a Camp Redwood employee, he has been known for his ‘tache and short shorts which make him look a bit like an ’80s style icon.

6. Gus Kenworthy As Chet Clancy

Gus’s character Chet is one of the counselors at Camp Redwood and Brooke’s jock boyfriend.

7. John Carrol Lynch As Mr. Jingles

John’s character Mr. Jingles whose real name is Benjamin Richter is a dark figure at the heart of Camp Redwood’s twisted past. He has also successfully massacre once and now he is looking for new victims.

8. Angelica as Rita

Angelica’s character Rita is a resident nurse at Camp Redwood and she is known for her ‘Awareness About Camp’s Tragic Past’

9. Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez

Zach’s character Richard was a serial killer and is also known for the term ‘Night Stalker’

Here is the entire cast list for the franchise who probably will be appearing on the upcoming movies for the franchise as well. We will be updating you as soon as something new drops-in.

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