What are SRLs and How to Bet on Them?


    Betting is a big and very important part of sports fandoms. Putting money on athletes is a time-honored tradition, and people are discovering new and better ways to wager on their favorite sports. One of the most popular “new” ways to bet, which arose in the 20th century, is the American Football Fantasy League.

    The gist of Fantasy football is a group of people, each acting as coaches to a fantasy team, for which they have chosen players from numerous Football clubs. They then place bets and follow the success rate of the real-life players, adding or detracting points from their fantasy team. Fantasy football is a fun way for football fans to pass the time, and many other sports subcultures have been embracing this idea of fantasy sports. 

    Recently, however, fantasy sports have developed into something even more interesting, the simulated reality league (or SRL). 

    What is SRL?

    As the name suggests, a simulated reality league is a sporting event that has been created through the use of computer graphics imagery, with the goal to simulate real-life games. The goal of SRL is to emulate how a game might go as close as possible, in order to improve betting odds and make sports a lot more fun. 

    Many wonder how simulated reality leagues work. Well, it is all thanks to the advancements made in computer science. Programmers can now create an algorithm fed with information about real-life players and statistics. The algorithm then generates a virtual representation of the actual game. 

    Simulated Reality Leagues are quite a popular trend today, and are becoming more popular with each passing day. 

    How to Bet on SRLs?

    The answer to this is quite simple. Betting on simulated reality leagues is the same as betting on real-life leagues. Just like real-life sports betting, SRL betting venues offer a couple of options for placing bets on games.

    The first is live betting. This means that fans of simulated reality leagues are watching the games and placing bets as the game is going on. Many bettors prefer this kind of wagering, as one can make a more informed decision, based on the performance of the players and teams.

    The second option is to put down money before the game has begun, and hope for the best. This is the more popular option, as it takes up less time, and the odds are usually greater. 

    And speaking of betting odds, it is heartily recommended that prospective bettors familiarize themselves with how odds work before venturing into the world of betting, real-life or SRL.  

    Different Bet Types

    Much like in real-life sports, there are several different types of betting when it comes to simulated reality leagues. The most popular and simple betting type is a three-way bet. This means putting money down on the outcome of the game, meaning the bettor wagers on whether the game will end in a win for Team 1, a win for Team 2, or in a draw. 

    Certain sports, like cricket, also expand this betting type, as cricket matches often span the length of two days. This means that a betting option is added, where the bettor can place a bet on whether the match will end on the day it started or not. 

    How SRLs will affect sports betting

    It is highly unlikely that simulated reality leagues will overtake the popularity of betting on real-life sports. Rather, it is better to look at SRL and SRL betting as a fun, new way to enjoy your favorite sports. One of the benefits of this new hobby is that it is not seasonal, meaning anyone can enjoy an SRL game at any time of the year. 


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