What The Cast Members For True Detective Season 1 Doing Now, Here Is Everything You Should Know

It’s been around five years since Nic Pizzolatto’s fascinating HBO crime anthology series True Detective came onto the screens and showed their greatest eight episodes which took the hearts of many anthology lovers. Their awesome storyline and cast which includes two leads, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and stellar cast made True Detective Season 1 to be one of the most loved series in the anthology franchise.

Since the show’s debut on HBO, the cast of True Detective has gone to have a remarkable career in the film industry. Here is brief information about each actor’s new path career.

1. Matthew McConaughey (Rustin “Rust” Cole)

Matthew McConaughey who appeared as Rustin “Rust” Cole on True Detective came in the middle it’s called the McConaissance.

With his stunning performance in the show, the actor got chances to be a part of popular acclaimed movies and television roles like Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar, and the HBO crime drama only helped his case.

For now, his return to True Detective is not confirmed but speculation says that he might NOT return to the show.

2. Woody Harrelson (Martin “Marty” Hart)

Woody Harrelson who appeared for the role of Martin “Marty” Hart in True Detective Season 1. He hasn’t one among the struggling actors as he got the chance to take part in a lead role for two series on HBO and he has also received an Academy Award nomination for his mind-boggling performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. He has also been hired to work for TV shows and movies Solo: A Star Wars Story, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and a documentary series namely, Kiss The Ground.

3. Michelle Monaghan (Maggie Hart)

Michelle Monaghan who appeared as Maggie Hart in True Detective remains one of the highlights for a fantabulous growth in the actress’s career. Following her role in True Detective, the actress got a chance for a leading role on the upcoming Hulu original series namely, The Path and she has also got a chance to be part of Netflix’s originals namely, Messiah which didn’t run for a long time.

After a gap of 12 years, she also made a return to Mission Impossible franchise with 2018’s Mission Impossible –Fallout. She was alose seen in a new film namely, The Craft: Legacy which a soft rebooted version for a 1996 supernatural horror flick.

4. Alexandra Daddario (Lisa Tragnetti)

Alexandra Daddario appeared as Lisa Tragnetti (Marty Hart’s mistress). With the pretty good performance in the franchise, she got chances to take major roles in the movie and TV shows like 2017’s Baywatch adaption based movie, San Andreas, CBS All Access originals, Why Women Kill. 

Adding to that, Alexandra has also got a chance to appear on the upcoming Michael Bay-produced science fiction thriller namely, Songbird.

5. Michael Potts (Maynard Gilbough)

Michael Potts who appeared as Maynard Gilbough was one of the modern-day detectives who tries to solve mysterious behind crimes in Tre Detective. 

He got a chance to be featured for two of the most iconic HBO series namely, Oz and The Wire. Since his appearance in the True Detective Michael has been busy with his various projects like Random Acts of Flyness, Elementary, and Taken.

In addition, he will also be appearing in the upcoming Ma Rainey biopic Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom starring Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman.

6. Tory Kittles (Thomas Papania)

Tory Kittles who appeared as Thomas Papania was Maynard’s partner detective in the True Detective franchise. Since his appearance in the True Detective franchise, he again worked with HBO for the role of Clarence Smith, the older brother of Queen Latifah’s Bessie Smith in the 2015 TV film Bessie.

Tory may also be appearing for another biographical drama that will portray Frederick Douglass in the 2019 Underground Railroad drama, Harriet. Currently, he is working as the main role for a CBS crime drama namely, The Equalizer.

7. Kevin Dunn (Ken Quesada)

Kevin Dunn has also known for his famous role of White House Chief of staff Ben Cafferty on HBO comedy series Veep or Communications Director Alan Reed in the 1993 political comedy Dave. 

Besides, Kevin also appeared and convincingly performed as Major Ken Quesada in True Detective season 1. After his appearance in True Detective, Kevin continued to stick with Veep and made new appearances in movies like Above Suspicion, Keeping Up with the Joneses, and Captive State. 

8. Erin Moriarty (Audrey Hart)

Erin Moriarty is a relative newcomer as she appeared as the teenage version of Marty Hart’s daughter, Audrey in True Detective. Since her role in True Detective, Erin found a huge growth and success in her acting career after she received to work for the most notable roles of Hope Shlottman in Jessica Jones Season 1 and recently as Annie January / Starlight in the Amazon original superhero series The Boys where she remains on the main cast.

9. Brighton Sharbino (Machie Hart)

Brighton Sharbino appeared as the older version of Marty Hart’s younger daughter, Marcie in True Detective. During her time in the show, Brighton also got a chance to appear for a recurring role on The Walking Dead. 

In the future, she is expected to appear on The Shadow Diaries which is a serialized scripted podcast that dives into the troubling world of a fictionalized pop star.

10 Michael Harney (Steve Geraci)

Michael Harney who appeared as Steve Geraci in True Detective was a character who first appeared to be an ally of Rust and Marty’s but ended up holding back more information than he should. He also appeared for a memorable role as Sam Healy on Orange Is the New Black, followed up with movies like A Star Is Born, Widows, and The Banker. 

11. Jay O. Sanders (Billy Lee Tuttle)

Jay O. Sanders who appeared as corrupted Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle in True Detective remains one among the most detestable and disgusting characters in the entire franchise. 

With his success in True Detective, he has got chances to appear on a various number of successful TV shows like Blindspot, The Sinner, and Manhunt: Unabomber.

12. Glenn Fleshler (Errol Childress)

Glenn Fleshler only appeared for three episodes in True Detective Season 1 but his effective portrayal in the series as the monster behind the abduction and murder of countless children in Southern Louisiana impacted to make an awesome growth in his acting career. Since his portrayal in True Detective, he got chances to appear in movies like Joker and A Most Violent Year, and TV shows like Waco, The Twilight Zone, and Watchmen in which recently he appeared on For Life.

13. Charles Halford (Reggie Ledoux)

Reggie Ledoux is a southern Louisiana man with questionable prison tattoos in True Detective Season 1. In the series, he is a part of the child abduction thing. 

As his character was killed off in the series, He got a chance to be a part of the cast for many positive roles in the 2014 television adaptation of Constantine, where he played Francis “Chas” Chandler, John Constantine’s best friend. He has also done some voice work with Tangled: The Series, Injustice 2, and Reign of the Superman.

14. Shea Whigham (Joel Theriot)

She Whigham earned new fans with his portrayal as the disgraced reverent Joel Theriot in True Detective Season 1. Last we were seen appearing on shows like Fargo, Narcos, and Waco, and also he will appearing on movies like Joker and First Man. Speculations say that he will also be appearing in Mission: Impossible 7 and its sequels as well.

15. Ann Dowd (Betty Childress)

Ann Dowd who took home a Primetime Emmy Award and Critics Choice award in 2017 for her mind-boggling performance on The Handmaid’s Tale, appeared briefly in the True Detective Season 1 finale as Betty Childress. Since her heart taking performance on the HBO series, Dowd has done quite a bit, even outside of The Handmaid’s Tale which includes movies and shows like The Leftovers, Olive Kitteridge, and Girls. Recently, she appeared in a Netflix adaptation of Rebecca in which she appeared for the role of Mrs. Van Hopper.

Here is everything which you should know about the career changes of the cast in the True Detective Season 1. Do let us know your opinions in the comment section below:

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