When attacked by a rapist farmer, Arkansas jogger mom Sydney Sutherland died of blunt force trauma.

A revealing report has been reported from Arkansas. Most of the people are already aware of the disappointment of the Arkansas jogger Sydney Sutherland. She was quite famous. She was a 25 year old nurse by profession by profession. 

She was last seen in August. Nobody later saw her. Even multiple online search campaigns were launched to find her. Later she was found dead. Her death was a mystery. However, the case has been solved as her murderer has been identified. 

He is a 28 year old local farmer. He himself has accepted that he killed Sydney. According to the reports, Sydney was running on the road. That’s when the farmer abducted her in his truck. There he raped her and killed her. Later, he dumped her body. 

According to the reports, her autopsy report revealed that she died because of blunt force. There’s still investigation left to be done. Although the accused has been arrested, no formal charges have been filed against him yet. For any such latest news stay tuned with us. 

Vinayaka Dalmia
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