Who Will Be The New Joker? Major Details Inside

The movie ‘ The Batman ‘ saw how its filming was delayed because of the Coronavirus crisis, which affected 90% of projects that Hollywood had underway.

But now that the crisis is beginning to subside (albeit slowly), in Mecca of Cinema they are already preparing to return to action, albeit with much more precautions than before. And one of the films that will return to shoot soon is ‘ The Batman ‘, which is due for release in October 2021.

Since the project began, several rumors claimed that Matt Reeves had developed a three-movie arc to tell the story of this new Batman played by Robert Pattinson, and now specialist journalist Daniel Richman has gone one step further, claiming that in this new trilogy of the Dark Knight we will meet a new Joker.

Who Will Be The New Joker? Major Details Inside
Who Will Be The New Joker? Major Details Inside

In the last 12 we have already had four different incarnations of the Joker, the Clown of Crime: Heath Ledger in ‘The Dark Knight’; Cameron Monaghan in the series ‘Gotham’; Jared Leto in ‘Suicide Squad’ and Joaquín Phoenix in ‘Jóker’.

Although Robert Pattinson affirmed that he would love a crossover with the latter, the rumors insist that he would be seriously considering presenting us with a new Joker, who would make his stellar appearance in the second installment of the trilogy.

Rather, it could be the next part of a canine anthology series, followed by a new DC character, or another version of that DC character – at least the same director. Indeed, if the genre was developed for shows like FX American Horror Story or Fargo,

Which takes place in a universe made in the same genre, but following different characters and different schedules, then this format would easily be a Can be transferred to the silver screen.

For now, there is nothing official but, to be confirmed, who would you like as a new Joker? Since production began, the names Johnny Depp and Macaulay Culkin have been heard.