Why Horror Films Are Good For Watching On A Date?

Have you been wondering why horror films are good for watching on a date? Well, here you are. A date is a special occasion, and sometimes you even do not know what will be a good idea to spend a good time together. The solution is to watch a horror film!

It’s a fact that horror movies are a lot of fun to watch. They’re exciting, funny, creepy, and just plain good fun to be a part of. This is why it might be a good idea for you to go to horror films with your partner with whom you have a relationship. Here are some reasons why a horror film date entertainment is an excellent idea.

6 Reasons Why Watching a Horror Film on a Date is a Good Idea

1. It’s a Good Way to Have Fun

Your hook-up doesn’t have to be boring, neither does it have to be a conventional one. Since horror films are exciting, funny, creepy, and just plain good fun, watching a dread-filled movie is a good way of sparking your date up.

If it’s the first time you are meeting each other, you should try to ask and be sure that your partner is a fan of horror films or at least can stand them. If your partner loves this type of movie, bring up the subject and see how interested they are.

There is a chance that your partner won’t be super into them, but even if, you’d still enjoy the horror flick. And who knows? Your horror film experience might be a perfect first date. Asides from first dates, going on an adrenaline-filled movie rendezvous with your long-time partner could help you two enjoy a nice time in your relationship, if you haven’t experienced fun in a while; the evening would definitely be a memorable one.

Check here for our adultfriendfinder.com review. In addition to this, according to recent psychological research having fun together makes two people trust each other even more than having some extreme activity together.

2. A Good Way to Start a Fun Conversation

Scary movie could create fear in you and make you and your partner get sweaty palms, but it would also help start up a fun conversation. The reason is that scary movies are a lot of fun to share and discuss.

You can start a conversation about something that the movie was based on. You may talk about the plot of the scary movie and the plot twists that got you gaping. It may be a good thing to bring up some of the aspects of the movie that were hilarious or amazing.

You may even get to see the same reactions from your partner that you have from watching horror movies, this could help you two get even more close. With such movies, you’ll have much to talk about after when you get home. Your phone might buzz all through the night thanks to back-and-forth texts between you two concerning the movie.

3. Could Help You Get Familiar with your Each Other

Do you know that awkwardness that comes with first dates? Yeah, you could bypass that by watching movies with your partner. During the movie, you two don’t have to talk, if you don’t want to. The scary sounds from the movie, as well as shouts from you two during scary scene moments, are enough to clear the first awkwardness.

Also, the movie gives you time to get familiar with each other and laugh at the laugh or scream at everything happening. During a movie at a cinema or film house, you’ll hear other people talking about the movie and the characters involved. That alone feels up the silence, but it also provides hints on potential topics both of you can discuss to get started.

4. A Top Way to Avoid Talking for a While

If you are not much of a talker or you are too nervous to talk, going on a horror film outing gives you the perfect opportunity to have fun without having to talk for a while. This is particularly true for first meets, where people would like to get to know each other and observe each other first before chatting.

When you go to such movies, everything is usually quite dark in the cinema, so you or your partner wouldn’t have to feel nervous about what to say or how to act. Instead, you’ll both be able to relax and just go with the flow. Of course, by the end of the entertainment, you’d have something to talk about, i.e. the scary film you just watched.

5. It could Get you Cozy with your Partner

Watching scary movies make partners move closer to each other in the course of the movie. Imagine the lady you brought on a day heard a high-pitched sound coming from the movie, she might jump out of fright and move closer to you.

Having an adrenaline-filled film rendezvous night at home with your long-term relationship partner? Even better! If you’ve seen several romantic comedies, you’d know that home scary film rendezvous are usually the biggest perfect build-up to lots of kissing and making out.

No one understands how it works perfectly but seeing a horror movie alone with your lover tends to build strong emotions that could create the need for physical contact. It creates physiological responses that make you feel love for your partner even more. This is most likely because your partner would feel protected since you’re there. The starter pack for this is a home TV, a big sofa or couch, a big cozy blanket, and of course, popcorn. Is chilled wine available? Even better!


If you’ve never been on a horror movie date, you are definitely missing out. Whether for first meets or a fun time with your long-term girlfriend/boyfriend, a horror film date is a hit, as long as your partner doesn’t mind. Of course, you should first suggest it to your partner and get a positive response before going ahead to make plans for it. Try a horror movie today and experience a new level of fun that would stay etched in your and your partner’s memory for a long time.

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