Why the decision of TVF to release “Pitchers” season 2 is best?


When “Pitchers” season 1 was released in 2015, it was like a huge celebration for the TVF team. The series took the perfect strategy to get into the heart of its audience. It is considered one of the best web series in the world of digital entertainment. 

Then after that, the audience started to wait for season 2 very eagerly. And recently, the dream of the audience came true. Season 2 got released a while ago. Here in this article, we are going to discuss why you all should love the series.

The acting of Jitendra Kumar:

One of the finest actors, our Jitu has acted with the utmost coolness and sorted man. In one of the scenes, he got angry with a hacker boy which took Yogi under the blow. That acting of him was just awesome and finest. All we need in season 2 is our Jitendra Kumar back.

If you want to know how he acted in season 1, you should download and watch the whole series for absolutely free of cost by tapping on the link- https://t.me/Tvf_pitchers/30 

Chemistry of Yogi and Saurabh:

The bond of Yogi and Saurabh was like Jai and Veeru. They fight with each other but they can’t live without each other. They sorted all their differences at the end and it is very interesting to see their chemistry once again in season 2.

Our lovebirds Naveen and Shreya:

Source: Just web series

The love story of Naveen and Shreya was the heartbeat of the series. The unconditional love of Naveen for Shreya let her go far away from her make her career. That scene was also the best when Shreya paid the grocery bills of Naveen. Everyone should relate to that scene. In season 2, they prove that how the combination of love and a long-distance relationship works. 

The early stage of entrepreneurship:

The whole series of “Pitchers” define how perfect entrepreneurship works. Especially when you are a fresher. The script was very substantial and the series makes us learn how to manage money, fund and responsibility and keep everything on track. 

If you have watched both seasons, then you will get to know how the friendship of four friends made the start-up a huge success. How they manage their personal life without falling from the track of their personal life too. 

If you want to take a deep insight into the balance of love, fight, hate, relationship, friendship, and work, then you should give a chance to this series. Both the seasons.

Apart from that, stay tuned and refresh the page again and again to get more updates about further series, movies, and shows.


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