Wife killed brutally by Husband. Forensic expert says she was stabbed ‘around 80 times.


  • Blake Schreiner stabbed his wife over the argument of divorce.
  • Forensic reports reveal that Tammy Brown was stabbed more than 80 times by Schreiner.
  • The psychiatrist as well as psychologist’ reports will be announced soon.

A detailed study on Blake Schreiner’s case

In 2019, Blake Schreiner was accused of murdering his wife named Tammy Brown. The incident took place at their home in the river heights in the Saskatchewan province in the western part of Canada. Dr. Shaun Ladham, who is the Saskatchewan’s Chief Forensic Pathologist stated that the victim endured several brutal attacks. Numerous severe stab wounds were discovered by the authorities. Ladham also reported that the victim’s bone was also broken during the attacks. Even after brutal attacks, she tried to stay alive, but she gave up due to a heavy blood loss. 

Apart from that, Ladham also stated that Brown’s heart, and liver, as well as her lungs, were punctured. So she had no chance to survive those stabs. In March, Brown’s husband confessed to murdering his wife. Moreover, he also claimed that he blacked out during the incident. According to the investigators, before the incident, he was planning to get a divorce with Brown for around a month. And during the incident, he took the knife and went to the living room, and the rest is history.

The same day, after killing his wife, he covered his wife’s body with a duvet. Next, he kept the murder weapon, which was the knife on the top of the duvet. Later on, he acted as if nothing happened and fed breakfast to his children. He thought he would never see them again. Sargeant Kory Ochitwa revealed that Schreiner disclosed their talks before the incident to the cops. He said that tension escalated between the couple when Brown told his husband that after the separation, she wants the full custody of their kids. 

Schreiner also added that her wife said Schreiner is a pedophile, and she would put him behind the bars. In the end, Schreiner said to the authorities that he loved those kids and would never do any harm to them. The authorities know every single answer related to the incident but accept one. It is still a mystery that what was Schreiner’s state of mind, and what was he thinking while attacking his wife.


On Tuesday, the murder trial for Schreiner continued and disclosed these disturbing testimonies from the forensic expert. Reports say that the victim was stabbed around eighty times. The psychologist as well as Psychiatrist will soon bring in their reports as soon as the trial resumes. Check our website again for further updates about the case.

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