With a huge surge in COVID-19 Hospitalization, Californian Gov. Newsom urges people to wear face coverings

On Monday, the Californian Gov. Gavin Newsom asked people to wear face masks, to protect themselves against the surging COVID cases, and favors the businesses to reopen and operate under safe conditions. As of now, California is one of the states to see the highest number of COVID related hospitalizations.

In order to reach the maximum number of supporters and critics, the Governor has released a new video campaign featuring 3 former Californian Governors and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The video campaign was solely created to promote the use of face masks. Gov.

Newsom is one of his daily briefings that said that the reopening of the businesses is important to make sure that the Californian economy improves, but it along with a warning that if this contributes to the devastating health conditions of the people, the state will close them down again.

With a huge surge in COVID-19 Hospitalization, Californian Gov. Newsom urges people to wear face coverings
With a huge surge in COVID-19 Hospitalization, Californian Gov. Newsom urges people to wear face coverings

The state is trying to counterbalance the requirement of reopening the business along with maintaining the sustenance of around 40 million people as well as safeguarding them from the infectious virus.

The state had issued some detailed guidelines that guide how the day camps, fitness centers, museums, and restaurants can reopen and operate safely. Additionally, Newsom imposed a new requirement of using face mask last week.

According to the new regulations, people are now required to wear face masks at the places where it’s not feasible to maintain 6 feet distance, but there are still a few exceptions for people with medical conditions and children under age 2. 

The number of hospitalized cases in California has increased to 178,000, with the highest number of 3,700 new cases last reported on Sunday. The Governor said that though the state is sufficed to handle more cases “we are still in the first wave of this pandemic.”

Wearing a face covering has now become a trending controversy in several parts of California where some people believe that everyone should use masks to protect themselves while others refuse to believe that the requirement is restricting their freedom.

In the video released on Monday, the former governors voiced their concern and tried to convey that nobody wants to wear a facial covering, but it is very important to keep people safe from the widespread of the COVID while reopening businesses and letting people get back to work. “Just do it,” says our beloved Arnold.

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