Woman kidnapped and shot in the face by her ex-boyfriend: North Carolina

A woman in North Carolina is astonishingly alive this weekend after a terrifying tribulation this week when her ex-partner abducted and took her to Virginia where shot her in the face, and then killed himself immediately.

Crystal Lashawn Clay, 34 years old, was taken from Burlington where she is living early Tuesday morning by Renaldo Lemar Tate, 34, the Carroll County, Virginia, according to reports.

The police seemingly discovered the kidnap when Tate’s mother phoned and said her son menaced to harm Clay. She said she had been on the phone with Tate and could hear Clay in the scene screaming on top of our lungs.

The investigation department was unable to navigate Clay or her car and all phonic trials flunked to direct them to the kidnapped woman.

Around three hours later, the Sheriff’s Office was informed of firing in Fancy Gap, approximately 100 miles northwest of Burlington. When they came to the crime scene, they found a dead man and an extremely wounded woman. Even though the woman had been shot in the face, was able to tell officials that the man was Tate and that he’d kidnapped her from Burlington earlier in the day.

The onlookers said Tate and Clay were arguing outside the car before the firing, and Tate pulled out the gun, shooting Clay in her face first, and then he committed suicide.

Quencelyn Ellison, Clay’s sister, informed the Burlington Times-News that Tate was the father of Clay’s youngest son. Even though Clay had ended the complete association a few months ago, Tate was observed driving past Clay’s house or idly sitting in his vehicle with the stereo in high volume. Clay was demoralized eventually, she stated.

After the case, Ellison said that her sister, Clay was anxious about her 4 and 9-year-old sons and asked someone to contact our mother because the boys had been left alone at home when her ex-boyfriend kidnapped her. Later, Edison reported that her sister was hospitalized and called her a “fighter”.

“I hate that Clay had to experience such a horrific occurrence, but I’m glad she is at liberty now from mistreatment and the things that she was going through all this time, Ellison said. “I’m glad that she is liberated from all of that, and she deserves better now.”

Nishad kinhikar
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